SED-SRIS - Ring Generator Kit

The SED-SRIS is a telephone ring generator system used to simulate a ringing telephone. This product microprocessor based controller, designed to provide a ring cadence tone and voltage that simulates a telephone ring when 12v DC is applied. The system is smart enough that it can sense off hook detection and then cancel the ring generation once the hand set is lifted.

●    Voltage input 12-15v DC
●    Output 45v DC

●    Cadence is modulated to simulate a ring tone
●    Housed in plastic enclosure 
●    L: 30mm   W:45   H:70mm
●    Telephone hand set supplied as shown with ring gen kit 

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This high gain surveillance microphone has a stunning range of 13m, with the ability to cancel background noise and

pick up voice frequencies. The device is designed with a combination of electronic noise filters that will cancel

up to 50 watts of background noise.



  • Up to 50 watts of background noise cancellation

  • Housed into a standard 200 series wall plate.

  • Input voltage 12v DC

  • Compatible with most VCR and digital video recorders.

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●    Service stations 

●    Factories 

●    Clubs 

●    Retail shops 

●    Commercial premises

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