Sed 485 lan

SED-485 Wireless LAN Security

The SED-485 Wireless LAN Security System permits an RS485 or RS232 connection to be transmitted across a low powered encrypted 915 to 928 mhz or 2.4G point-to-point link of up to 900m (line of sight). This robust unit is designed to get your security in place fast. It comes complete and, being “plug and play”, is simple to install. The 485 Wireless LAN Security System has been developed for products such as:

●    GE (Challenger panels)
●    Siemens (SI Pass panels)

The SED-485 Wireless LAN Security System data is housed in a tough metal enclosure, permitting it to be installed in a secure area, where the antenna can be located externally. The system comes complete with its own power supply and battery charging facility to support battery back up. It has the ability to operate on 16v AC or 12v DC, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

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