sed secure 8 zone 3g panel
SED-Secure 3G Panel
The SED-Secure is a highly versatile, multi purpose security panel designed for small business &  ATM security. The SED-Secure simplifies security by integrating with our SEC-ENG Nexis-Platform. This permits you to decide when and where to deploy security for your ATM fleet. The SED-Secure can also be interfaced into the Nexis anti skimming platform through the SEC-ENG Nexis-Platform.
  • 16 programmable users
  • 8 zones (zone double to 16)
  • Built in 3G dialler
  • Contact ID reporting
  • Secure SMS Reporting and control
  • Touch screen or LED code pad
  • On board 1.5A power supply
  • Optional web server interface control and programming
  • Multiple path communication PSTN, 3G, SMS, IP to Pre-Sync

Product Information