SED-642 (4G)
Lift Phone Redundant Communication Portal

The SED-642 is the latest collaboration product offering by SEC-ENG SYSTEMS. This product utilises the feature packed SED-64 platform that provides a true dual redundant emergency communication interface system suitable for lifts.

sed 64 3G
sed 64 3G

The SED-642 is a proven 4G communication system, with over 60,000 units sold in the product range. It offers a secure multi-node communications system, operating on multiple mobile network providers. The SED-642 comprises of two independent systems in one location, electronically tied together to offer a primary and redundant path using the POTS interface (Plain Old Telephone).

The dual unit design of the SED-642 system provides the assurance that if one path fails (network or hardware issue), a secondary path is ready and on standby.

  • Dual sim card system
  • 2 Independent 4G voice paths
  • Built in Contact ID dialer
  • Battery backed system
  • 24hr tamper inputs
  • Zone input SMS reporting
  • Supports SEC-ENG Pegasus System
Supported Communication Formats
  • 4G voice 
  • 4G contact ID 
  • Pegasus Monitoring

Product Information