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SEC ENG Building

Sec-Eng Systems have been in business for over 22 years. We have forged a world-wide reputation as a trusted and highly competent developer and supplier of custom designed electronic security solutions and products. Designing and developing Australian Made Products.


Our security products are in demand across a broad range of industries, many of which require highly specialised systems to meet their ever changing needs.

We have built a reputation for working with our customers to design and develop commercial defence solutions that meet our clients requirements. Sec-Eng Systems has a team of in-house design engineers who specialise in developing electronic security solutions and commercial defence systems.


This ensures the highest standards in custom electronic security at every step in product development.

We provide a complete service, including design, development and consulting which meet the highest global standard.

Our customers include some of the biggest corporate names in Australia, to which we are proud to have as our clients.

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