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4G high gain Antenna



  • High gain antenna (Omni)

  • Ideal for 3G/4G/UTMS/915MHz ISM

  • TNC & SMA connection options

  • Frequency Range: 700-960MHz and 1700M-2700MHz

  • Gain: 700-960MHz is 3dBi and 1700-2700MHz is 7dBi

  • Dimensions: 200mm (L) x 74mm (W) x 74mm (H)

  • Cable: 5m RG58

  • Power: 100W

  • Polarization: Linear Vertical


4G directional high gain Antenna



  • High gain antenna (directional)

  • Frequency Range: 698-960MHz / 1710-2700MHz / 3300-4000MHz

  • Ideal for 4G LTE fringe areas

  • Cable: 0.3m RG141 (5m & 10m options)

  • N type (female), TNC, SMA connection options

  • Dimensions: 440mm (L) x 205mm (H) x 60mm (W)

  • Power: 50W

  • Polarization: Linear


Antenna yagi  915 mhz Antenna



  • High gain 14dBi Yagi (directional)

  • Frequency Range: 824-960 MHz

  • Ideal for point-point applications

  • Dimensions: 900mm long with L bracket

  • Cable 5m RG58

  • TNC connection


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