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Atm Security
Custom ATM security systems

Skimmer Detection for ATMs

The SED-E-Field system is part of the Nexis system which is designed for ATM skimming detection. The system provides an electronic sensing area around the mouth of a card reader slot, enabling the detection of foreign objects such as card skimming devices. Once detected, the system can send an alarm signal to the customer's security system alerting of an attack.

ATMs into which this product can be installed:



  • NCR various models

The SED-E-Field does not impact the operation of the ATM, as it does not draw power from the ATM nor does it connect to the ATM. It is a stand-alone system that directly interfaces into the security system. This SED-Nexis is a combination of four products developed by SEC-ENG Systems, which combine to form a single high-quality multi-platform ATM security product.

The SED-Nexis combines the world's best-patented gas detection technology, with our E-field and Optix Anti-Skimming Detection system. When combined with our proven Shadow Shield System, these products provide our customers with a formidable, world-class, cutting-edge ATM security product. This ATM Skimming Detection system is a proven product with over 7000 units sold.

NOTE: This is a commercial product and sales are strictly by appointment and application.


Custom Designed ATM Security Products

SEC-ENG Systems specialises in the design and development of custom ATM security products.
Over the last 13 years, we have designed and developed many different specialised security products, both electronic and mechanical, according to the required applications for ATMs.

Our industry experience is extensive. Whether we’re called upon to create low or high-end security products, SEC-ENG components and systems command a place for us that is as special as it is diverse: from the commercial and banking sectors to the mining industry and defence.

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