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SED-EGIS - Mobile Personal Duress Device
The SEC-ENG Egis Man Down System is a lone worker unit designed for staff who may be at an increased risk of danger in their working environment. In the event of a worker requiring assistance, the Egis can activate on duress, man-down or dead man and has full 2 way voice, all via 3G.

This system is Australian designed and manufactured to the highest standards. It can send and receive voice calls, send SMSs or send an alarm message to a tracking server or smart phone directly.
This product is a true 3G unit.( 4G coming in 2019 )
Note: 4G networks in Country areas are still not great 3G is the most reliable
  • Compatible with all 3G mobile networks; Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
  • Ability to Trigger on:
    • Man down (tilt sensor)​
    • Dead man (movement detection)
    • Emergency (duress button)​​​​​​
  • Full 2-way voice communication​​​
  • Ability to call device back and auto answer
  • SMS reporting to 9 mobile numbers
  • Over 24hrs of battery life
  • Ability to send GPS coordinates via SMS or GPRS
  • Compatible with SEC-ENG Pegasus tracking server
  • Over 150 programmable functions


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