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Sed 30 SMS  controller
SED-30 (4G)
4G I/O Controller

The SED-30 3G/4G product was developed for farmers to assist with remotely controlling irrigation pumps and other machinery. Since then the system has expanded in features and options to become a world-class product. It is now a fully programmable SMS I/O controller that allows for monitoring and control of devices via the mobile network. 


The SED-30 has the ability to report input triggers and control the onboard outputs with SMS communication.

  • 8 Inputs (Expandable to 24)
  • 4 Controllable Relay Outputs (Expandable to 20)
  • SMS Reporting to 8 Mobile Numbers
  • Custom SMS Messages
  • 12V 1A DC Output
  • Battery Backed System
  • Compatible with SEC-ENG Pegasus Monitoring Server
  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • Farms
  • Air Conditioning
  • Building Automation
  • General Input/Output Control
  • Water level monitoring
NOTE: CONTACT ID / DTMF is no longer supported on the 4G network.
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