SED-30 (3G) I/O SMS 3G
The SED-30 SMS 3G communication device was developed for farmers to assist with turning irrigation pumps on and off. Since that time, the SED-30 has expanded in features and options to become a world class product. It is now a fully programmable SMS I/O controller which allows you to control devices via the SMS network. It has the ability to report input triggers and control the onboard outputs by sending SMS commands.
  • 8 on-board inputs (expandable to 24)
  • 4 controllable relay outputs (expandable to 20)
  • SMS reporting to 8 mobile numbers
  • Ability to write custom SMS text
  • Contact ID reporting
  • 12V 1A DC output
  • Battery backed system
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Farms
  • Air conditioning
  • Building automation
  • General input/output control
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