sed 64 3G
SED-64 (3G)
The SED-64 3G Alarm Backup is an outstanding fifth generation security device which was developed to offer customers a simple and effective backup communication for their new or existing alarm panels. This is a proven 3G communication system, with over 55,000 units sold in the product range.
The SED-64 3G Alarm Backup has many built-in features such as telephone line detection and the ability to communicate pre-programmed alarm events independently from the client’s alarm panel. The SED 64 can operate via GSM/3G and uses GPRS IP data to a dedicated SEC-ENG IP Pegasus server. 
  • PSTN line monitoring
  • Auto switchover 3G path when PSTN is severed
  • Built in Contact ID dialler
  • SMS reporting to 3 mobile numbers
  • Battery backed system
  • 4 x 24hr tamper inputs
  • Optional Input/Output expansion board
  • Supports Sec-Eng Pegasus System
Supported Communication Formats
  • Contact ID 
  • 3G contact ID 
  • Pegasus

Product Information