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Container Tracking Unit

Sec-Eng Systems has teamed up with Kossie Locking Systems an Australian-designed and manufactured container locking system, to provide security for your container, which is not only physical but also a comprehensive electronic tracking system that can track your shipment in real time via GPS and 3G/4G, through to a grade one control room or SMS as a stand-alone unit.

• IP65 rated weather resistant enclosure

• Bolt cutter proof (steel sleeve protects padlock)

• Tamper proof locking pin

• Tamper alarm reporting (locking pin, motion, tilt)

• Locking status reporting

• Long lasting battery operation (up to 60 days)

• 4G and 3G mobile network connectivity

• GPS location tracking (3-axis position)

• Sec-Eng System Pegasus tracking platform support

• Control Room monitoring support

• SMS status and position reporting

• Movement Speed reporting


​• Stored container lock monitoring

• Container Transport tracking

• Ideal for Pantech truck overnight stops

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