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Sed 4G VTI system
Virtual Phone Line

The SED-VTI is a viable solution for a phone line replacement. It's a compact system with simple “plug and play” capabilities which is ideal for the NBN replacement program. Designed and engineered to meet local Australian standards, the SED-VTI operates with proven 3G/4G design systems that have been developed over many years. The SED-VTI provides dial tone simulation and line voltage at 42V DC to enable a security panel to operate as if it were on a phone line. 


  • Compatible with Voice diallers
  • 4G Voice call (VoLTE)
  • Standard RJ dialler connection
  • LED indication for signal strength
  • Small and compact design
  • Supports Sec-Eng Pegasus system
  • Requires 12V DC power supply
  • Central Pivots (farming)
  • NBN fibre-only homes
  • Sites with no phone line
NOTE: CONTACT ID / DTMF is no longer supported on the 4G network.
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