MSP - Micro Server Platform

MSP is a cost effective micro server system for EGIS man down devices. Based on the SED-30 SMS platform, it has the ability to trigger relay outputs for local alarms and siren/strobe application.


With an on-board 3G dialler it can also report Contact ID alarms to security monitoring services.

Requires a 3G SIM card. (Note: A maximum of 20 EGIS units can be set up with a single MSP ).
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SiiP-IP-3G Router

SiiP-IP-3G is an add-on rack mounted product  for security monitoring centre applications.

It enables the Pegasus software to report Contact ID alarms for all linked assets through a serial output.

Providing Asial based contact id codes 

Featuring a smart polled IP-3G-to-serial interface, the system requires a fixed IP address connection, Sim card 

as provides full hot back to 3G in the event the main Ip path fails

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