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SED-902 Remote/Master 
Answering the growing industry needs for remote access control, the SED-902 is the latest generation of wireless access control products by Sec-Eng Systems. This system is ideal for difficult installations, where cabling is not possible or cost effective. The Remote-Master system provides the ability for card readers to send data to the client’s access control system in real time via a wireless ISM LoRa radio link at a distance of up to 500m.

●    No cables in that carpark?
●    Need to get remote access control at your boom gates?
●    Setting up temporary boom gates where cabling is impractical?

Powerful enough for your needs with the capacity to run readers for a distance of up to 500 metres, the SED-902        Remote/Master system is ideal for just about any industrial or commercial application where access control is required.
●    Wiegand data, LED and Buzz Inputs + 4 separate I/O
●    A proven, reliable, easy to use remote access control system

Easy to set up, manage and expand with your site
Developed in Australia by
SEC-ENG Systems, the SED-902 Remote/Master uses encrypted ISM 915 MHz band wireless technology. This is a solid, proven product with thousands in daily use across Australia. The SED-902 Remote/Master System is easy to configure and set up plus it's easy to manage and expand as your site grows.
The SED-902 Remote/Master can be configured for multi mode which allows a number of 902 remotes and one 902 Master with 902 Expanders to communicate with one another. In this mode, you have a number of remotes in the field communicating back to a one 902 Master with it's corresponding 902 Expander attached making your access control network all RF.

Systems features:
  • 915MHz operation frequency
  • Up to 500m line of sight range (Subject to RF conditions at location).
  • Supports Wiegand and Gallagher/Cardax systems
  • 2 card reader inputs per board (expandable)
  • 4 x cross linked input/output connections
  • Battery backed system
  • Ability to run of 12V DC
●        Boom gates
●        Doors
●        Vehicles
●        Fork lifts
●        Lifts
●        Gates
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